ATLAS can do special construction
ATLAS 160 MH blue handling machine with extensive special equipment for the food industry - spectacular tower elevation on site - telescopic arm for container filling and emptying - wealth of experience and ideas benefit the user

A 15-tonne ATLAS 160 MH blue handling machine has just been handed over to GELITA AG in Eberbach for a special operation. The transhipment machine received a tower extension of 600 mm, has two outrigger shields and is equipped with a telescopic arm boom, an external camera and a screen. It was spectacular how the tower extension was realised. This was done at the customer’s site. This made it possible to avoid the adversities of a heavy transport over several 100 km. On site, the upper carriage was then lifted off with the help of a mobile crane, the elevation was mounted and the upper carriage was built back onto the undercarriage. This assembly took 2 hours. This shows best how well ATLAS can also realise such special tasks.

Customer requirements optimally implemented

At bauma, Friedrich Migge, Production Manager at GELITA Eberbach, sought contact with ATLAS and the person responsible for special projects at ATLAS, Frank Lueken. Migge described the problem and relatively quickly the necessary technical and constructive steps were defined to produce this special handling machine. The fact that ATLAS has extensive and very in-depth know-how in the field of special machine construction had quickly become apparent, so that all customer requirements could be implemented well.

Best technical equipment

The ATLAS 160 MH blue is equipped with a 90 KW/112 hp engine that has a very low average consumption. The technical features of the handling machine include the fuel-saving demand flow control, the cylinders with end position damping, an automatic air conditioning system, the driver’s cab with a perfect all-round view and excellent insulation that ensures a quiet 72 dB(A) inside, a climbing capacity of 60 % and much more. An important feature of this model is its compact design, which makes it possible to work in confined spaces. The external dimensions of the 160 MH blue with 2.54 m width and 4.93 m length and the swing radius of less than 2 m perfectly meet the requirements. The tower heightening was necessary because the side walls of the containers that have to be filled and emptied protrude above the floor of the superstructure, which starts at 1.24 m. Now, with the elevation, the 160 MH blue can rotate the upper carriage over the side walls. With the help of an outside camera and screen, it is then possible to look into the containers.

Machine converted for use

In the medium term, two ATLAS handling machines are planned for use at the Eberbach branch of Gelita AG. GELITA is a global company that supplies collagen-based raw materials to the food and pharmaceutical industries. 21 locations worldwide, over 2500 employees and € 749 million turnover in 2019 describe the company, which was founded in 1875. The task of the ATLAS handling machines is to load and unload the containers in which raw materials are prepared for production. That is several thousand tonnes per year per 6 m deep container. This requires a telescopic arm to reach the lower corners of the container. Since the rows in which the containers are arranged are very narrow and can thus only be reached in forward or reverse, two support shields were added. These provide great stability. In addition, they can also be used for pushing off material if necessary.

Special construction is ATLAS’ core business

Sonderbau ist das Kerngeschäft von ATLAS Founded in 1983, the company has grown strongly in the meantime and has 10 locations in the south and east of the republic. The company also provides mobile services. 30 service vans and 60 service technicians are available to customers. Two fitters from Eberle-Hald were also involved in raising the tower.

Now the first of two ATLAS 160 MH blue handling machines is already in operation at Gelita. This also demonstrates that Atlas has ideas, knowledge and manufacturing capabilities for many industries and applications to solve specific problems with the best know-how.

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Photo 1 The superstructure of the ATLAS 160 MH blue is lifted off with the help of a crane.

Photo 2 Then the tower elevation mounted under the superstructure.

Photo 3 And finally, the raised superstructure reconnected to the undercarriage of the ATLAS 160 MH blue.

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