ATLAS has received an order for 20 type 240.2 VE loader cranes from Hornbach AG. The first units, mounted on Actros trucks from Mercedes, have now been handed over in Wörth at the Daimler AG Industry Information Centre BIC. “We are pleased that we were able to get exactly the loading cranes in the technical design we need from ATLAS for our vehicle fleet. We can also note positively that the service and cooperation with the regional dealer ATLAS Baden-Württemberg works so well,” said Andreas Back, Head of Quality Management and Environment at Hornbach AG.

Safety and ease of use

The ATLAS 240.2 VE loader crane has a maximum reach of 13.80 m and can move a maximum of 3.72 t with a load moment of 204 kNm. It was built on Mercedes-Benz Actros trucks, which Hornbach AG uses to deliver building materials and supplies to its customers. ATLAS loader cranes are equipped with ACM (ATLAS Crane Management). It is the reliable, central element for controlling the ATLAS loader cranes. This allows the driver to concentrate fully on his work while the ACM monitors the safety of the operation. The complete control of the system is carried out in real time for trouble-free operation as well as for overload protection, emergency shutdown and monitoring of other safety-relevant equipment.

163 markets in nine countries

Hornbach AG employs 23,000 people in 163 DIY stores located in nine European countries. Last year, they generated a turnover of 5.5 billion euros. The company was founded in Landau in 1877 and today has its headquarters in Bornheim/Pfalz “We had outsourced the truck fleet for a certain period of time. Now we are taking this back into our own hands in order to be able to offer our customers the best possible service. Our professional customers in particular benefit from the use of loading cranes. That’s why we bought trucks with the appropriate ATLAS loader cranes,” says Dominic Bendel, Customer Logistics Germany. Translated with (free version)

Implementing customer wishes efficiently

It was an interesting and long way until the assembled loading cranes could be handed over. Hornbach Baumarkt AG had launched a tender with the corresponding technical requirements. Thanks to the intensive support of Gerhard Frerichs , General Manager Cranes, and Ralf Ostendorf , Director Product Development Cranes & Special Projects, both of whom work at the Delmenhorst plant, ATLAS Baden-Württemberg was able to win the contract. “Not only the technical parameters were and are important. Our service, advice and commitment to our customers are also important,” says Thomas Fischer, managing partner of ATLAS Baden-Württemberg. This is also emphasised by Brahim Stitou, Managing Director of ATLAS GmbH: “Reacting quickly and flexibly to meet customer requirements is one of our core competencies”. A number of Hornbach AG drivers travelled to the BIC in Wörth for the handover of the first vehicles. Not only were the vehicles handed over to them, but they were also immediately given an intensive briefing on the possibilities offered by the ATLAS cranes.

Dedicated professional support

The company is supported by the regional dealer ATLAS Baden-Württemberg with headquarters in Malsch. He has very extensive experience in vehicle construction. This is also where the construction was done. ATLAS 240.2 VE loader cranes are slim, fast and safe. These are equipped with an HBC radio remote control and together with the load-sensing control, the cranes can be driven particularly sensitively; this is possible with up to three functions simultaneously. ATLAS offers 90 basic loader crane models with reach from 3.70 m to 22 m and lifting capacities from 0.99 t to 13 t, plus special versions for building materials, logistics, loading work, lifting cage or special types. They have one thing in common: well thought-out and practice-oriented quality and solidity.

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Photo 1: Ralf Ostendorf (Director Product Development Cranes, ATLAS), Brahim Stitou (CEO ATLAS GmbH), Dominic Bendel (Customer Logistics Germany)and Andreas Back (Head of Quality Management and Environment), both Hornbach AG), Gerhard Frerichs (General Manager Cranes, ATLAS) at the handover of the first assembled ATLAS cranes. (from left)

Photo 2+3: The Hornbach drivers are instructed in the crane technology on site.