It is a milestone in ATLAS excavator development and technical progress in general. The ATLAS 200MH accu has been working successfully at Stadtreinigung Hamburg since the end of last year. In the meantime, a second battery excavator of the same type is also in use. Only in battery mode, without annoying electric cable and all day long. The ATLAS 200MH accu has an operating weight of 21 t and the power of its battery drive is 140 KW/190 hp. At 10 m reach, it is equipped with a demolition grapple. The cab can be extended to 5.20 m eye level of the driver. “With this excavator, ATLAS is at the top. Above all, working without diesel emissions will soon be a prerequisite for being allowed to operate in cities. ATLAS already has the solution with the 200MH accu,” says Reinhard von der Wehl, Managing Director of the Von der Wehl Group.

ATLAS excavators from a single mould

In addition to this highlight, ATLAS will be showing other practice-oriented excavator models and loader cranes that are, above all, designed from a single mould. All of a piece, because at ATLAS, material, construction, hydraulics, electronics and attachments merge into a perfectly functioning unit. This is demonstrated on the ATLAS stand with the 140 W Bigfoot, a 14 t excavator that shows best performance especially in demanding ground conditions. At NordBau, it is equipped with a 90 cm wide, rotatable and tiltable mowing basket of the latest generation. For example, as it will be required for ditch cleaning in the future. Many other models with corresponding attachments can be seen on the ATLAS stand.

Loading crane

ATLAS offers 90 basic loader crane models with reach from 3.70 m to 22 m and lifting capacities from 0.99 t to 13 t, plus special versions for building materials, logistics, loading work, lifting cage or special types. They have one thing in common: well thought-out and practice-oriented quality and solidity. Some of them will be shown at NordBau.


The rental of ATLAS construction machinery will receive special attention with its own pavilion. Interested parties are thus offered the opportunity to first convince themselves of the practice-oriented quality of the ATLAS machines. With attractive conditions, this is an economically convincing way to test the desired machine. This way you can find the ATLAS machine that really suits your needs for your own machinery without any risk.

ATLAS level

Not only excavators, cranes and technology can be found on the stand. For example, the “juice truck” of a social initiative brings refreshment to the visitors. “We are pleased to be able to show our presence at NordBau again. In the end, there is no substitute for personal contact, being able to see each other and talk to each other directly,” says Ronald Figiel, head of the ATLAS von der Wehl Group stand. You will find ATLAS at the usual place: open-air site north N134 (Hamburger Straße).

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Photo 1: The battery-powered Atlas 200MH accu is the absolute highlight and a technical milestone. It is already being used for waste compaction by the Hamburg city cleaning service.

Photo 2: Ronald Figiel (Stand Manager) and Reinhard von der Wehl (Managing Director), both ATLAS von der Wehl Group (from left), look forward to personal contact with visitors to NordBau.