The ATLAS 270 MH blue quickly heaves container after container into the hold of the “MS Björn M”. The 30-ton material handler, with its 129 kW / 175 hp EU Stage V engine and an arm of 12 m length, has the power and range to reach far into the cargo area. She loads and unloads the utility “MS Björn M”, which belongs to the fleet of the Karl Meyer Group, Wischhafen. The ship commutes several times a week from Wischhafen to the island of Helgoland. Containers with building materials, materials or even cars and others take you there. with. On the return journey there is then waste paper, household waste, waste glass and others. loaded in containers for disposal. The ship was built in 1955, is 80 m long and can load 430 m (deadweight). In the past, the loading capacity was calculated in gross register tons. Today the classification measure is the gross register number 1 GT = 2.8 m³ or the possible deadweight loading weight. The Wischhafen Helgoland route is covered by the ship in seven to eight hours – unless the storm prevents it.

Fast handling machine – special equipment

The ATLAS 270 MH blue can turn the superstructure eleven times per minute. The high speed of rotation is important and an advantage for ship loading and unloading. The loading time can be shortened by this speed. Even for heavy containers filled with building materials, for example, it has the necessary power to position them quickly and precisely in the hold. With very heavy goods, the F3 helps out of the three operating modes to ensure maximum performance. “The hydraulics work so precisely that I can position the containers with centimeter precision where they should go,” says Heiko Fick, the driver of the MH 270. The cabin can be raised steplessly 2.70 m. This makes it easier to see the work area and the cargo area. The driver must have a particularly good view of the cargo space. That is why a camera and an additional headlight are mounted at the front of the boom. The driver can see every corner of the ship’s hold via the display in the cabin. This provides security, as does the camera system on the right-hand side and the rear of the material handling machine.

Logistics concepts

The Karl Meyer Group was founded in 1947 as a haulage company. Today it is one of the largest environmental service providers in northern Germany. Around 750 employees work for customers at 20 locations across Germany. The company headquarters have been in Wischhafen on the Elbe in Lower Saxony since the company was founded. The diverse range includes many variants of logistics services for supply and disposal.

The company also has a fleet of 12 ships, owned or managed.

Reliable dealer – suitable material handling machines

The ATLAS machine is looked after by ATLAS von der Wehl from Lauenbrück. These are experts who can also implement complex procedures such as special permits. On-site advice or technical assistance are a matter of course. But above all, everything happens very quickly and close to the customer. The product range that ATLAS offers its customers is also very target-oriented. From 16 t to 60 t operating weight and 90 kW to 216 kW are 12 types of material handling machines for a wide range of applications in the portfolio. It is particularly interesting that ATLAS has special customer requests such as camera systems, special booms, special cabins and like this The material handling machines, but also other types of excavators, can literally be designed and built according to customer requirements.

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Photos: The 30 t material handling machine ATLAS 270 MH blue has enough power and precise control to precisely position every container or load (whether light or heavy).