Fast and precise recycling
The ATLAS loader crane 165.2 makes work in glass recycling easy - very light and extremely precise remote control - several directions of movement possible at the same time - high level of safety

With swift, flowing movements, the ATLAS loading crane lifts the glass container, moves it precisely over the truck body; the container is emptied by remote control and set down again quickly but gently. A 2,200 kg ATLAS loading crane of type 165.2 VE A 12KS1 is in use. It is a special construction that was built for the company Suden GmbH from Dorsten. The crane’s performance is precisely tailored to the needs of recycling operations. The MAN truck can load approx. 20 t of recycling material. This comes from the glass containers that can be found at many collection points at supermarkets, easily accessible drop-off points, etc. Kai Hoffmann, who drives this truck, has about 180 containers to look after in the districts of Uelzen and Lüneburg. He has to schedule his tours so that the glass containers are permanently available to the people who bring recycling material.

Precisely tailored performance data

This new semi-trailer with the ATLAS loading crane has been at his disposal for two months. What he really likes is that he can work super accurately with the remote control. It is also possible to perform several movements or tasks at the same time and all of this really quickly and fluently. The ATLAS loader crane has a jib that extends up to 11.45 m and can still lift and lower 1.25 t at this extension. With a delivery of 7.65 m, it is 2.05 t. The maximum load torque is 167 kNm. All data that make it clear that a loading crane has been built here with care and precision that is really up to the high demands of the recycling operation. However, a very good loader crane like this Atlas 165.2 VE A 12KS1 needs more equipment features than just an excellent load chart. Suden GmbH now has six units of this Atlas loader crane in operation on corresponding semi-trailers.

Much experience

Suden GmbH is a company with a great deal of experience in the fields of recycling, landfill construction, waste management, road cleaning, truck recovery and with such spectacular tasks as cleaning pumped storage plants or dams. It was certainly something special to recycle part of the Berlin Wall, which was done in 1991. Founded in 1938, Suden now employs over 200 people.

The assembly of the loading cranes, technical advice, etc. was provided by the company Tecklenborg from Werne. The company has gained extensive experience in the construction machinery and vehicle construction sector for over 55 years and is therefore naturally in the best position to provide precisely fitting ATLAS loader cranes according to the respective requirements, including all the technical and also legally necessary support.

Safety has high priority

ATLAS loader cranes are equipped with a system of safety devices. This includes ACM (Atlas Crane Management). It is the reliable, central element for controlling the ATLAS loader cranes. This allows the driver to concentrate fully on his work while the ACM monitors the safety of the operation. Complete control of the system is done in real time for trouble-free operation. This includes, among other things, an overload protection, emergency shutdown and other safety-relevant devices.

Another aspect is the construction of the loading crane, which is designed to prevent possible damage, for example. All hose lines are laid in the crane arm. When this is retracted, the hose lines automatically roll up on the hose reel. In addition, the boom with its two extensions is built from the best material of high bending stiffness. This also prevents wear and tear or damage.

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Photo: The ATLAS loader crane can be guided precisely with the remote control. Several movements are possible at the same time.

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