Good on many soils
Bigfoot with the big feet is an all-terrain excavator - the ATLAS 140 W stands on 710/45-26.5 20 PR tyres - special superstructure design allows working on big feet - 14 t economy

Stable and agile on boggy, wet ground, 30 km/h fast on roads and paths and always with fast and precise work. Among other things, this is what distinguishes the ATLAS wheeled excavator Bigfoot. “We can use it for all tasks of our maintenance association. Both on difficult, wet ground and on the road,” says Frank König, employee of the Untere Oste maintenance association based in Hemmoor. The largest part of the association’s area lies in the district of Cuxhaven, where the Oste flows into the Elbe. The association manages 573 km of water 2nd order, 5.5 km watercourse 3rd order, 41 estuary pumping stations, 108 polder and step pumping stations, 32 sewers, 2 culverts and various bed falls and bed slides maintained. There are 260 pumps in the pumping stations with a capacity of 30 to 5,000 l/s. The estuary pumping stations can pump up to 100,000 l/s into the Oste.

High ground clearance – transport height no problem

To generate little ground pressure, ATLAS has chosen these extremely wide and large 710/45-26.5 20 PR tyres. Therefore, a special undercarriage was designed that does not restrict the working movements. The Bigfoot has an enormous ground clearance and a low ground load, but without exceeding the transport height of 4 metres. In order to drive over the ground as gently as possible, the axles are equipped with a 35% locking differential. This prevents the wheels from spinning and the wheeled excavator from getting stuck in muddy or boggy ground. This is combined with enormous power. At 11 m outreach (with optional second articulated arm), it can still lift 1.3 t unsupported. The power for this is provided by a 4-cylinder Deutz engine with 80 kW/109 hp and diesel particulate filter. This Bigfoot is equipped with a high-performance piston pump with load limit control, which simultaneously and independently controls several working movements. This is enhanced by a hydraulic attachment kit for up to ten different attachments such as hydraulic hammer, vibrating bear etc., all controllable from the cab. Adapted hydraulics ensure a constant pressure and oil supply for powered implements such as mowers or mulchers and minimise wear on the implements… Even in mowing mode, with an oil flow of 26 litres and a permanent pressure of 180 bar, there is no loss of performance with any working movement of the tool. The Bigfoot is also top in terms of economy. The average engine speed is 1,480 revolutions, so fuel consumption per hour is a maximum of 6.3 litres.

Work safely – drive quickly

The cab of the ATLAS Bigfoot offers terrific all-round visibility and plenty of space. And there are numerous details that make work easier for the driver. For example, the steering column, seat and control consoles can be adjusted independently of each other. The retractable windscreen, automatic air conditioning and thermal insulation glazing ensure a good atmosphere in the cab. For safe driving and working, there is a reversing camera. And to keep things moving quickly on the road, this Bigfoot can travel at speeds of up to 30 km/h. Optional speeds of up to 36 km/h are possible. Optionally, up to 36 km/h is possible.

Versatile usable

Here in Hemmoor at the maintenance association, the ATLAS Bigfoot is used for really all the work that needs to be done. “Mowing work, cleaning up waterways, demolishing foundations, earthworks, lifting operations and much more are all performed by the Bigfoot. That’s how it was intended and that’s how it works perfectly,” reports Kai Winkler, the sales manager in charge of the association at Atlas von der Wehl, the dealer responsible for the region. The Bigfoot combines the advantages of a tracked excavator, such as safe standing and low ground pressure, with those of a wheeled excavator, namely quick change of location on its own axle.

Character: 3.435


Here, the ATLAS Bigfoot 140 W is working on a dike profile. The 14 t excavator stands and works equally safely and quickly on firm and soft ground.

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