ATLAS GmbH continue to ambitiously pursue their objective to expand and refine their excellence in all areas, thus enhancing the position of ATLAS in the industry as a strong manufacturer. In December, 2023, the company already laid the foundation for future business activities by consolidating and advancing its brand presence. The new brand image is supposed to firmly anchor the identity of the company with customers, ATLAS dealers, and employees.

As announced in this context, ATLAS now took the next step to strengthen their market position and expanded their wheeled excavator line.

To this end, the ATLAS design engineers have enhanced the performance of the existing wheeled excavators even further. Engine and pump performance were optimized as well setting new standards with regard to stability, off-road mobility, and hydraulic sensitivity. The engineers also continued to work on the ideal configuration of the cab; it now offers an even better all-round visibility and air distribution at automotive industry levels. Of course, the machines are particularly quiet in operation. This ensures a comfortable work environment for all ATLAS drivers.

Apart from this, several ATLAS wheeled excavators were assigned new type designations; as a result, the weight class of the machines is now immediately apparent.

The first machine to be upgraded was the wheeled excavator 140W, which is now available at wheeled excavator 155W. The engine performance was significantly increased by 15 kW, from 90 kW to 105 kW. In addition, its swivel radius of 1980 mm is the smallest in its class.

Furthermore, the wheeled excavator 140W Bigfoot was enhanced and now presents itself as wheeled excavator 155W Bigfoot. Here, engine power was increased by 20 kW, from 95 kW to 115 kW. In addition, the oil flow rate was increased by 27 l/min, from 234 l/min to 261 l/min.

The wheeled excavator 150W has undergone a development as well and you now find it as wheeled excavator 165W

in the product portfolio of ATLAS GmbH. Likewise, the wheeled excavator 160W was optimized and is now available as wheeled exca-vator 175W.


The wheeled excavator 160W made remarkable progress as well and evolved into the wheeled excavator 185W with many enhancements.

“We are particularly proud of our wheeled excavator 185W. The Atlas 185W is the result of many years of passionate design work and a tailored response to customer requests and fu-ture requirements,” Brahim Stitou, CEO of ATLAS Group emphasizes.

The 185W is characterized by an increase in operating weight of 350 kg compared to the previous model, which ensures improved stability and power. It features a powerful 6-cylinder Deutz TCD6.1 stage V engine with 129 kW output – an increase by 24 kW – for improved per-formance. The oil flow rate was increased by an impressive 80 l/min, from 260 l/min to 340 l/min, in order to meet the needs of modern construction sites. The performance at the tip of the jib was increased by 35 l/min (230 l/min at 86 kW), allowing it to carry out work with more flexibility and efficiency. Apart from that, the lifting capacity was enhanced significant-ly to fulfill the many requirements of the construction industry. To ensure optimum perfor-mance even under challenging conditions, the 185W was fitted with a new gear box, includ-ing an axle with a higher gear ratio to transfer more power to the wheels, in particular uphill. The undercarriage of the wheeled excavator 185W was specially designed to ensure a bal-anced stability. The distance from the center of the excavator tower to the front wheel is similar to that from the center of the tower to the dozer blade; this means, that the machine can move the same weight across the steering axle as it can lift with the blade lowered. This results in improved stability at 360°, even if the pendulum axle is not locked. During opera-tion, the upper carriage of the wheeled excavator 185W is supported rather by the rigid axle than by the steering axle, which significantly improves performance when employed with unlocked pendulum axle. These numerous enhancements make the wheeled excavator 185W an outstanding work tool for high-profile construction projects.

Weitere Informationen zu der Erweiterung der Mobilbaggerserie sowie die dazugehörigen Broschüren mit allen technischen Daten sind unter zu finden. Further information on the enhancement of our wheeled excavator line as well as the related brochures with all technical data are available at Visitors to our web site can now easily access the information they need, either for decisions to buy, technical data, or product information in general.

About ATLAS:

ATLAS GmbH has its headquarters in Ganderkesee in the north of Germany and is a competent and strong manufacturer and seller of excavators and cranes designed and manufactured to the highest standards. With more than a century of experience, robust perfection, high-quality details and well-thought-out features, ATLAS continue to set new benchmarks to make their customers happy. Having started with producing agricultural equipment in 1919, their range of products continuously expanded over the past 100 years. Now the portfolio of ATLAS GmbH comprises wheeled, rail-road and crawler excavators, material handlers, loader cranes as well as crane and excavator attachments. In addition, ATLAS offer a wide range of customized, individual special solutions for special applications. ATLAS is the construction machine for toughest applications and for all who are looking for uncompromising quality.

Photo #1:The wheeled excavator 140W has advanced and is now available as 155W.

Photo #2:The wheeled excavator 140W Bigfoot was enhanced and is a 155W Bigfoot.

Photo #3: The wheeled excavator 150W advanced to 165W.

Photo #4: The wheeled excavator 160W was optimized and is now available as 175W.

Photo #5: The wheeled excavator 160W was enhanced to 185W


Images: © ATLAS GmbH