The construction site king reaches every point
The ATLAS 290.2E loader crane reaches almost 21 m - it allows you to reach many points on a construction site without having to drive - over 600 kg can still be transported at this distance - practical electronic safety and comfort functions - uneven support is also possible - the hydraulic hoses are well protected in the articulated arm

You can tell by looking at the silver powerhouse that it can still lift and move 620 kg at a distance of 20.74 m. The ATLAS 290.2E loader crane is made to easily deliver to or dispose of many construction site areas without having to move the truck. Eight hydraulic extensions can be moved by remote control. Thus, up to 4,600 kg can be lifted and moved in the close range, 1,500 kg in the medium range up to 11.00 m and 620 kg in the furthest range of 20.74 m. In total, the 290.2E in this body version weighs 5,310 kg including oil filling. The hydraulic hoses are routed through the articulated arm to the tip of the articulated arm. They are therefore completely routed in the extensions of the articulated arm and thus well protected. When retracted, the hoses are rolled up in a hose reel. This equipment prevents damage. To ensure that the vehicle stands securely, the two outriggers can be hydraulically extended to 7,350 mm. This can also be controlled with the remote control. The swivel range is 410°.

Useful electronics – uneven support

Tight spaces are an everyday occurrence on construction sites. In order to cope well with such situations, this ATALS loader crane has the option of extending the outriggers unevenly – only a small outrigger on one side and a full outrigger on the other. Work can still be done. The safety electronics (EAW – electronic outrigger width control) of the 290.2E immediately calculates which weight may be moved at the respective outrigger length. The driver also sees this on his remote control. This allows him to optimally choose the position of his vehicle according to the spatial possibilities. The charging fork, for example, can also be turned by remote control. The rider controls the fork only with the small control lever. This means that a 620 kg pallet can be picked up and transported even at a distance of 20 m without the driver having to take a step in that direction. All necessary work functions can be carried out by remote control. If a load overrun is detected, the safety electronics immediately interrupt the work.

A real powerhouse

The 290.2E has enough power to lift and move up to 4.6 tonnes. This is made possible by the very solid ATLAS construction and the use of high-quality steel in the crane construction. In use, the solidity can be seen, for example, in the very low deflection behaviour. Joints and connections, as well as those of the hydraulic hoses, are also designed for extreme loads. All this ultimately means that you can work quickly and economically with the 290.2E loader crane over the long term.

Advising the client is extremely important

“First and foremost, we advise our clients. For what tasks does he need the loading crane, what weights have to be moved and how often, are there requirements regarding the crane length, etc.? From all this data, we then create the profile of the required loader crane with all the technical details. Only when the requirements profile has been drawn up, as it corresponds to the practical reality in use, do we make a concrete proposal to the customer,” describes Frank Hartmann, technical operations manager at Carosserie Comes & Cie. SA from Luxembourg, the customer-oriented approach of his company. This was founded over 70 years ago. With almost 50 employees, it offers services in the areas of manufacturing, conversion, repair and painting of commercial vehicles and passenger cars as well as special bodies. Quality from planning to production, highest customer satisfaction and service orientation are the pillars of the company. Large and modern workshop halls are equipped with the latest equipment. This and the extensive experience of the employees are the best prerequisites for quality.

Many years of ATLAS in use

A long-standing customer of Comes has also ordered the ATLAS 290.2E, which is built on a four-axle chassis (two steering and two drive axles). The customer, the Delvaux company, from Itzig near Luxembourg, specialises in the construction of wellness facilities. Swimming pools, pools, saunas spas etc. are designed, built and equipped by about 100 employees according to customer requirements. ATLAS loader cranes have been in use for a long time for this purpose. The good experience with the brand has now led to the new silver ATLAS 290.2E becoming part of the specialist company’s equipment fleet.

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The ATLAS 290.2E loader crane can still move 620 kg at 20.74 m outreach. Safe thanks to remote control and electronic safety system.

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