Standing next to it, you can literally feel the tremendous power of the ATLAS wheeled excavator 180 WSR. But, and this is the amazing thing, you hardly hear him. The motor works so quietly that you can have a quiet conversation standing next to it. The sound levels of 70 dBA in the cab and 97 dBA outside result in this amazing silence that must be experienced. The 21 tonne 180 WSR blue is powered by a 4.04 l Deutz engine with 115 kW/156 hp. It is a Tier 4 final engine with exhaust gas aftertreatment by diesel particulate filter and passive continuous regeneration.

Ideal dimensions – versatile applications

This ATLAS wheeled excavator is designed for road construction and civil engineering. In practice, this means that there is often somewhat little space to work with. This means that there is always a risk of the rear of the superstructure crashing into oncoming traffic or onto cycle paths or pedestrian walkways. This potential danger has been eliminated with the short tail of the 180 WSR. It significantly minimises the risk of collisions because the rear of this Atlas excavator is built so short that it does not protrude beyond the dozer blade. Not even with rotary movements. The external dimensions of the ATLAS 180 WSR blue short-tail mobile excavator also help it move well in road construction and civil engineering. The overall length of the working machine, including dozer blade and crash blade, is only 4.29 m without the boom. For transport, it is problem-free with a height of 4 m, a maximum width of 2.55 m and a length of 8.09 m (incl. excavator arm).

For civil engineering and road construction

The ATLAS wheeled excavator is in use here in Glinde near Hamburg to lay cable shafts for the new construction of the building yard of the town of Glinde. It is equipped with a hydraulic adjustable boom with a 2.70 m stick and a rotating bucket, which makes a digging depth of 7.03 metres possible. The maximum reach with a standard bucket is 9.21 m. This 180 WSR blue is part of the machinery of geestra-bau GmbH from Geesthacht. It has been on the market for 25 years, works mainly around Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein and currently employs 60 people, all specialists in civil engineering and sewer construction.

The company geestra-bau GmbH is supported by the Atlas dealer Atlas von der Wehl. It is represented by four operating sites and several service partners in the working area of geestra-bau GmbH. In this case, support does not only mean sales, service and repair, but also that expert advice is given before the purchase as well as during operations in difficult construction situations.

Heavy loads taken lightly

Difficult construction situations mean that the excavator not only has to perform impeccable excavation work, but also has to move heavy loads time and again, for example shoring for excavation pits. The ATLAS wheeled excavator is built so solid and stable that it can move a load of about 4 t with a 7.5 m outreach. It can also lift and move larger loads of 10 or even 13 tonnes. Again, you simply have to have experienced how rock solid the 180 WSR stays with all wheels on the ground and moves the corresponding parts. One reason for the solid base is certainly the very wide special wheels Caliber Power Grip 23, 215/70 R 22.5.

Efficient due to best equipment

Of course, the basic equipment of the ATLAS 180 WSR blue includes such things as automatic air conditioning, height- and tilt-adjustable steering column, the option of driving by foot control, rear camera, consolidated lubrication points, pipe fracture protection, LED rotating beacon and much more. A hydraulic attachment kit for various working tools and a quick-change device also make the ATLAS wheeled excavator a very efficient working machine.

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Photo: The ATLAS wheeled excavator 180 WSR blue can grip very sensitively, but also extremely powerfully. Always with a solid stand and quiet.