“We operate the crane for around 600 hours a year. Sometimes 6 – 8 hours in a row on a single day. It handles this flawlessly and without any problems,” says Fred Westermann, Managing Director of Winter & Westermann, a marquee rental company from Blender. The ATLAS 256.4 loader crane can extend up to
23 m and lift a maximum load of 4.51 t at a load torque of 228 KNm. It is mounted on a MAN chassis with quadruple supports, whereby it is controlled by an HBC radio remote control with three cross levers. It operates very sensitively and precisely, just like the ATLAS loader crane. The benefit of a remote control is the high degree of flexibility it gives the operator. This means that they can still play a part when it suits them or is necessary.

Solid and elegant
The ATLAS 256.4 E loader crane, just like the other crane types, stands out thanks to its solidity. This means that the design and materials are carefully selected to withstand the loads over the long term. This also means that an ATLAS loader crane features a slightly higher unladen weight than other comparable products. However, the positive effect for the user is that wear and tear or high loads, for example as a result of continuous use, have no real significance. This can be clearly seen when marquees are erected and dismantled. There is no bending, twisting or tilting. The movements of the loading crane are quick and smooth, no matter what the load or outreach.

ATLAS Crane Management
This ATLAS loader crane is also equipped with ACM (Atlas Crane Management). This represents the reliable, central element for controlling the Atlas loader cranes. It allows the driver to fully focus on their work while the ACM monitors the safety of the operation. The system performs complete control in real time to ensure flawless operation as well as overload protection, emergency shutdown and monitoring of other equipment relevant to safety.

Marquee rental
Fred Westermann is currently the fourth generation to run the company. The company can provide marquees of up to 10,000 m². As well as corporate events, marquees for trade fairs, the Kiel Week or marquees for the Schützenfest or Domweih festivals are also in the company’s repertoire. Equipment included, if requested. The main priority is always punctual and speedy assembly and dismantling. The team is well attuned. Every action is perfect. The most important cog in the wheel is the loading crane. “We chose the ATLAS crane because we value its reliability. The crane works quickly and with real precision. What’s more, the vehicle constructor is very fast and reliable. There’s no reworking once the vehicle is finished. We’ve experienced this situation differently before. But with ATLAS it all goes very smoothly,” says Westermann.

Safety – new standard .4
The introduction of the .4 cranes means that there will only be one software version combining all the setting options for the stability of the vehicle from the previous software families 7 (Standard), 9 (Advanced) and 11 (Variable System). The choice of which approach should be used for the stability setting can then be made in the software. No changes are made to the actual safety functions. The functions to be set and known to date, such as overload cut-off, cab detection, slewing load limitation, etc., continue to exist unchanged. The way in which the control system has to analyse the necessary sensors and how the sensors need to be configured will change.

Vehicle construction also fundamentally sound
ATLAS offers loader cranes from 3.70 m to 24.2 m (with fly jib up to 28.4 m) reach with lifting capacities from 0.99 t to 13.4 t. The design varies depending on the task. In addition, the matching attachments such as rotary motor, crane fork, digging grab, brick stack grapple and lots more. All perfectly coordinated with the loader cranes. The 256.4 E for Westermann was built by ATLAS von der Wehl from Lauenbrück. A company with a great deal of experience that, as Westermann described, delivers extremely dependable and reliable work. Westermann has been working with them for 35 years now.

About ATLAS:
ATLAS GmbH has its headquarters in Ganderkesee in the north of Germany and is a competent and strong manufacturer and seller of excavators and cranes designed and manufactured to the highest standards. With more than a century of experience, robust perfection, high-quality details and well-thought-out features, ATLAS continue to set new benchmarks to make their customers happy. Having started with producing agricultural equipment in 1919, their range of products continuously expanded over the past 100 years. Now their portfolio comprises 34 models of wheeled, crawler and rail-road excavators, material handling machines, special models, and 90 different loader cranes as well as attachment tools for cranes and excavators, thus covering a broad spectrum. In addition, ATLAS offer a wide range of customized, individual special solutions for special applications. ATLAS is the construction machine for toughest applications and for all who are looking for uncompromising quality.

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Equipped with ACM and the latest safety technology, the ATLAS 256. 4 E loader crane can lift up to 4. 5 t.