The speedy scrap sorter
The 19 t handling machine ATLAS 180 MH is working at the recycling company Trillhof – robust for its sorting mission – 10.25 m reach – cabin extendable to 5.01 m eye level – sensitive with 2-shell gripper und rotating motor

Elegant and skillful, that’s what it looks like when the 2-shell gripper 180 MH frees a rim from its tire, picks up a small piece of copper from an enormous pile of scrap, places it in its designated container and finally pushes a few cubic meters of scrap into the storage position. The hydraulics of this ATLAS 19-t machine enable such highly precise work. “We chose this ATLAS 180 MH because we need an extremely precise machine that carries out scrap handling activities such as the sorting. Our experience with this ATLAS handling machine show us, that we picked the right one”, says Matthias Hartmann, CEO of Trillhof Handelsgesellschaft mbH, a recycling company in Kassel. The 180 MH has a 95 kW/130 PS engine and is equipped with the ATLAS hydraulic management AWE 5. With its monoblock boom it has a range of up to 10.25 m. There is the additional option of a 11.20 m range. What’s extremely important at the Trillhof GmbH: The 180 MH has to be able to move enormous amounts of scrap as well as to grab tiny pieces and put them into the designated recycling box. This is no problem at all for the handling machine, equipped with ATLAS hydraulics, a solid construction, a rotating motor and a 2-shell gripper for sorting.

Best working area in more than 5 m height – silent

“Scrap is an important resource. It is delivered to steel mills who produce new material for the construction of machines, cars etc.”, says Hartmann. This is why the precise sorting according to different metals, that are collected separately, is important. To get a better overview of the sorting, the cabin can be raised hydraulically up to 5.52 m roof height (5.01 m eye level). comfortable workspace with air conditioning system, the possibility to move inside the cabin, overview, comfort seat, cameras for side and rear area supervision, modern control panels and more.

The premises of Trillhof GmbH encompass 30,000 m². Therefore the 180 MH needs to move around quickly and flexible to different deployment sites. This is exactly what the ATLAS machine does, and what’s more, with 97 dB(A) exterior noise particularly silent.


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Conceptual raw material extraction

The company Trillhof was founded in 1945 in the northern area of Kassel, bordering the city of Vellmar. Today, in the fourth generation of the family, the Trillhof Handelsgesellschaft mbH is one of the leading companies in the fields of raw materials trading, recycling and waste disposal in northern Hessen. 35 employees are there to assist their customers. Trillhof offers end-to end solutions for many different types of waste products. This is much more than “getting scrap delivered” – it is conceptual raw material extraction. Trillhof Handelsgesellschaft mbH is looked after by the ATLAS trader Nordhessen. It is part of the MSG Maschine Service Group, which also includes ATLAS Engel and the rental company BauCharter. Headquarters are in Borken, near Kassel, and there are four more branch offices. 65 employees and 14 service vehicles are ready to assist the customers in northern and middle Hessen as well as in the state of Saxony-Anhalt. These are excellent preconditions for quick service or a swift repair in the event of an emergency. And, just as important, for competent advice on machine assignment. Because finding the suitable ATLAS machine for the existing requirements is a decisive precondition for efficient work.

Solid and economical machine

The ATLAS 180 MH is a robust machine. With a delivery of 9 m it can lift and move 2.2 t. Stable due to its 4 support claws. The construction with its well-coordinated elements and its material thickness is an efficient foundation for the mechanical loads at work in scrap handing. The wear and tear is minimal. The tree work modes – Fine, Eco and Power – of the hydraulics limit the fuel consumption to a low and therefore very economical level. Furthermore, it should be mentioned that ATLAS has a lot of experience with mobile handling machines and mobile excavators. ATLAS’ extensive knowledge in this field leads to the excellent construction of the machine. This can be seen in the numerous distances the 180 MH has to overcome at Trillhof. Quick and solid movement and driving makes working with the 180 MH a pleasure.

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Photos 11 + 2: The 19 t ATLAS 180 MH transhipment machine is made for both powerful and precise picking.

picture 3: CEO of Trillhof Handelsgesellschaft mbH, Matthias Hartmann (right) und Jörg Hoffmann (left), CEO of ATLAS Nordhessen.

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