ATLAS keeps your back intact
Super seat standard in ATLAS two-way excavators 1604 ZW and 1404 ZW - active weight adjustment - recommended by health insurance company

ATLAS now has a driver’s seat in a class of its own in its 1604 ZW and 1404 ZW road-rail excavators. Grammer’s Actimo Evolution is now standard equipment, at no extra charge. The basis for this significant quality improvement in the driver’s cab was the idea: prevention is better than “having your back”. That is why ATLAS engineers integrated this top model of seat development for excavators into the 1604 ZW, a 21-tonne class excavator, and into the 1404 ZW, a 19-tonne class model.

Safe as in Abraham’s bosom

The technical details of the driver’s seat are inspiring. The armrests, for example, are height-adjustable and foldable and their inclination can be adjusted individually. Active seat climate control including seat heating makes working in the excavator pleasant even in the wet and cold season. The lumbar support for relieving the lumbar spine works pneumatically. To make you feel as safe as in “Abraham’s lap”, the seat cushion depth and inclination can be individually adjusted.

Active weight adjustment

Of utmost importance, of course, is the suspension of the seat. Here, air suspension fed by a compressor makes the seat virtually float. The low-frequency spring travel is 70/30 millimetres. The absolute highlight is that the weight adjustment for the suspension of the respective rider happens actively. In practice, this means that the suspension always readjusts itself to the weight of the respective rider. This is done with absolute precision and creates the optimum in sitting health. All this and a few more details ultimately ensure that working in the ATLAS 1604 ZW and the ATLAS 1404 ZW is not a burden for the driver. He sits in an optimal environment on a super comfortable and healthy seat. This helps to be able to work in a way that is permanently easy on the back and does not cause fatigue. Health insurance companies recommend this seat if someone has back problems. It is already installed in the ATLAS models 1604 ZW and 1404 ZW.

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Photo: The Actimo Evolution super seat is now fitted as standard in the Atlas 1604 ZW and 1404 ZW road-rail excavators.

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