ATLAS GmbH from now on with a new but familiar branding
Atlas GmbH is a competent manufacturer and seller of excavators and cranes, designed and manufactured to the highest standards. With more than a century of experience, robust perfection, high-quality details and well-thought-out features, ATLAS continue to set new benchmarks to make their customers happy. Having started with producing agricultural equipment in 1919, their range of products continuously expanded over the past 100 years. Now the portfolio of ATLAS GmbH comprises wheeled, rail-road and crawler excavators, material handlers, loader cranes as well as crane and excavator attachments.
By recruiting Joel Schiliro as their new brand manager, ATLAS GmbH strive to continuously refine their brand presence and enhance the position of ATLAS in the industry as a strong manufacturer. This will be reflected as well in a new branding that is to firmly establish the company’s identity with customers, ATLAS dealers and employees. “ATLAS aim to expand their excellence in all areas, and the marketing area is without doubt an essential foundation for this success,” Brahim Stitou, CEO of the ATLAS Group, points out.
A key step in this direction is the launch of a modified logo that will be the mainstay for the future business activity of ATLAS. “We are convinced that you do not have to reinvent the wheel when you already have a solid base. This is why we decided to adapt our existing logo and revive and modify a traditional ATLAS figurative mark – the ATLAS Titan,” Joel Schiliro comments on the new branding.
In Greek mythology, the Titan Atlas has to hold up the celestial spheres on his shoulders after Zeus condemned him for trying to storm Heaven with his army. Since then, Atlas stands for strength, endurance, and innovation. On several occasions in the past, ATLAS have already demonstrated their ability to master even difficult situations. In addition, they modified their current mark and, effective immediately, another three logos are in use:

1. ATLAS MADE IN GERMANY. SINCE 1919: Over 100 years of experience, innovation and the best quality, produced in Germany, are the focus here.
2. 2. + 3. ATLAS KRANE & BAGGER + ATLAS CRANES & EXCAVATORS: These logos reflect the core business of ATLAS GmbH brief and to the point. For the German market, they will use the logo with the addition “Krane & Bagger”. As ATLAS is, however, also very successful and established on the international market, ATLAS GmbH decided to use a logo in English: ATLAS Cranes & Excavators.

But they not only fine-tuned the logo but also all media of communication. From now on, the conventional communication media, such as brochures for excavators and cranes, as well as the online presence will appear in a new look. In the area of Social-Media-Marketing, on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn in particular, ATLAS GmbH will inform their customers on a regular basis about products and initiatives and provide behind-the-scenes insights.
There is much more to look forward to because these are not the only changes. More developments will be coming up soon to please customers, ATLAS dealers as well as employees.