The grapple precisely and powerfully grabs the grid box and swiftly transports it to the intended holding area. The loader crane at work here is the ATLAS model 170.2 V, a V-crane of the medium loader crane range of ATLAS GmbH and featuring two extensions. At a reach of 10.80 m, it can still lift and move a load of 1.5 tons here. The hydraulic system operates with a pressure of 270 bar, ensuring a very fast working pace indeed. Due to its very robust ATLAS design and the high-quality steel ATLAS uses in crane production, the 170.2 V has the power to lift and move up to 3.0 tons. This is made possible by the very solid ATLAS construction and the use of high-quality steel in the crane construction. In use, the solidity can be seen, for example, in the very low deflection behaviour. The articulated joints and connections as well as the quality of the hydraulic hoses are also designed to withstand extreme strain. All this, ultimately, ensures that with the loader crane 170.2 V you can work fast and effectively on a sustained basis.

Stability and operation

All this is done with the vehicle securely in place. The square outriggers typical for ATLAS ensure maximum stability. hey are extended hydraulically to the required width that, depending on need and situation, may differ in width on each side. The safety drop hook for laterally locking the outriggers is easy to operate and, therefore, user-friendly. Load safety valves provide additional safety just like the hydraulic hoses, which are tubed or installed on the inside of the jib, respectively. The central lubrication system makes the driver’s job easier and ensures that the crane components are lubricated regularly. This is another important consideration from the viewpoint of preserving and protecting the loader crane. The oil cooler with thermal switch allows for long and uninterrupted operation of the crane even at the toughest jobs. Including the oil filling, the ATLAS 170.2 V has a total weight of 2,610 kg. It is 2.48 m wide and 2.33 m high. The operating pressure is 270 bar, oil flow rate is 45 l/min, and the slewing torque is 25.6 kNm. The slewing range is 410°.

Accessories – wide range

Here at TIP, the loader crane is mounted on a three-axle MAN truck and equipped with a brick stack grapple and rotary motor – an appropriate tool for delivering building materials. ATLAS offers a wide range of accessories that make the loader crane a versatile tool suitable for many applications: crane forks, rotary fork, trench digger, multi-purpose dipper, bulk material grapple, barrier lifter, auger, rotary motors, to name only a few.

Rental company independent of a manufacturer

TIP is a rental company independent of a specific manufacturer and an integrated service provider for the transport and logistics industry. Their range spans the entire life cycle of a vehicle: from procurement via maintenance and repair all the way to resale of used units. With a rental fleet of more than 90,000 vehicles, which feature a vast range of configurations, TIP is among the largest companies in the industry in Europe. More than 120 locations in 18 European countries and in Canada as well as a large number of service partners provide the customers with a comprehensive network of branches and workshops. The ATLAS dealer ATLAS Nordhessen, in cooperation with the factory in Delmenhorst, supplied the loader cranes and will service them.

Safety has high priority

ATLAS loader cranes are equipped with a system of safety features. This includes ACM (Atlas Crane Management). It is the reliable, central element for controlling the ATLAS loader cranes. With it, the driver can concentrate fully on his job while ACM monitors the safety of the application. Complete control of the system is done in real time for trouble-free operation. This includes, among others, overload protection, emergency stop, and other safety-relevant devices.

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The ATLAS loader crane 170.2 V is ideally suited to perform a wide range of tasks. It can lift and move a load of up to 3 tons.