If you leave the A 7 near Hamburg in the direction of Moorburg, after a few metres you are out of the city and into another world. It consists of orchards and moorland meadows and lies sheltered behind the dyke. Here the ATLAS 160 LC, specially equipped for operations on low-bearing ground, is at work. The 95 kW/130 hp engine provides the necessary power for the sensitive AWE-5 hydraulics. It provides a flow rate of 240 l/min at 350 bar operating pressure. This enables continuous precise working movements of the 10 m long adjustable boom.

Precise and economical

Four hydraulic circuits are possible. Not only precise but also fast working movements characterise the ATLAS excavator. For example, the upper carriage manages nine revolutions per minute. Economic efficiency must also be mentioned. The three operating modes of the ATLAS always provide only the hydraulic power that is really needed. As a result, the engine only consumes as much fuel as is currently appropriate for the task. That is pure thrift. As practitioners describe, the perfect interaction of all excavator elements also has a positive effect on the performance of the 160 LC. At Jürgen Ecks’ company in Moorburg, the 160 LC is mainly used for draining moorland meadows. He regularly cleans the numerous “Grüppen”. These are drainage ditches created to allow water to drain to the pumping station. From here it is then pumped over the dike into the Süderelbe.

No special permits

To be able to work safely in this region, the 160 LC was converted. Floor plates with a width of 1,000 mm and a running gear of 5 m length now give the excavator the necessary stability and the lower ground pressure to avoid sinking. In order for the ATLAS excavator to retain the transport width of 3 m, so that it could be transported without special permits, design changes had to be made. The running gear was narrowed analogously to the wider floor plates. So the total width is now 3 m again.

Broadly positioned

The Jürgen Ecks company is broadly positioned with its range of services. Its history started in1869. Over time and generations, fruit growing, cherry sorting, soil cultivation, transport and grassland maintenance developed, which the company offers today. Over 250 ha of own and leased land with fruit growing, grassland and arable farming is also cultivated. The new ATLAS 160 LC is now part of the extensive machine park with numerous farm tractors, dumpers, harvesters and all kinds of equipment.

Suitable for many tasks

It is also used for projects other than peatland drainage. At the moment, he is preparing the rehabilitation of a rainwater catchment basin on the A 7. He creates a ramp so that you can get close enough to the water basin. He then lifts out the contaminated sediment, which is transported away with special vehicles. For this purpose, the 160 LC uses various buckets of 0.5 m³ and up to 3 m wide. Other attachments, including hydraulic ones of course, can also be used.

Good cooperation

Jürgen Ecks is supported by the regional dealer Atlas von der Wehl from Lauenbrück and ATLAS Hamburg. On-site advice or technical assistance are a matter of course. But above all, everything happens very quickly and close to the customer. In addition, excavator types can literally be constructed and converted according to customer requirements. Like this 19-tonne ATLAS 160 LC, which was converted in Lauenbrück.

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Photos: The ATLAS 160 LC with 5 m long undercarriage and 1,000 mm base plates prepares to rehabilitate a rainwater catchment basin on the A 7.