Construction industry

  • How ATLAS Telematics protects your machines:
    Theft protection
    Higher productivity & better performance

  • How ATLAS Telematics helps with customer loyalty:
    Sales promotion
    Better quality of customer service and happier customers

  • How ATLAS Telematik supports you in leasing:
    Exact billing
    Complete overview of availability

  • How we support you:
    Powerful solution
    Contact for specialist dealers

  • Thats how it works:
    Pre-installed telematics unit
    Easy activation
    … Unit… CAN module… ATLAS Manager… options

Always at hand

  • Reports
  • Automatic information distribution
  • Scheduled reports
  • Connection to the management system
  • Statement of account
  • Optimization of the payment date
  • Saves working time and
  • Financing planning
  • Tracking function
  • Location details
  • Digital map module
  • Virtual fence protects the units
  • Simplified machine logistics
  • Overview at any time
  • Supports the decision making
  • Presentation of all work
  • Quick access to evaluations and graphical representation
  • Different areas work independently
  • Alarm function
  • Activity limits, operator control, sensor system
  • Automatic notification of deviations
  • Access protection
  • Access authorization restrictions, time-controlled access
  • Trackunit Manager
  • The mobile track unit manager
  • Theft protection
  • Fleet management