An ATLAS 185 W from the 19 t class of special design – used in the Lorenz von Ehren tree nursery in Hamburg – steering and operating with joysticks – compatibility of excavator and ATLAS add-on devices is a major advantage

The appearance is not particularly spectacular when the 185 W exposes the roots of a lime tree. The tree and root ball measure two metres in diameter. A circle up to 1.5 metres deep is excavated around it. The specialist, however, is quick to recognise the special features of the ATLAS excavator. When travelling or working, the excavator is controlled by joysticks and it is not the excavator that moves, but rather the boom with clamshell bucket. The ATLAS add-on device is moved by a rotary motor. This substantially minimises the travel distance of the machine. This is one aspect of the special design of a 19-tonne mobile excavator 185 W from ATLAS.

Renowned tree nursery – specialised machinery

The Lorenz von Ehren tree nursery was established in 1865. It now employs some 200 people at its main base in Hamburg alongside several collection centres in Germany. Von Ehren also has a presence in Austria and Switzerland. Trees are grown on an area of over 600 hectares in Hamburg and Bad Zwischenahn. The company’s future-orientation is demonstrated in the fact that trees are planted today that will be used by their grandchildren in the future. Von Ehren has a machinery fleet of around 50 large excavators, wheel loaders, tractors, etc. to handle the multifaceted and extensive work. “We develop special requirements based on practical experience, which need to be implemented in terms of design. Our ATLAS dealer von der Wehl is a perfect partner for us in this respect. They also converted this 185 W to meet our exact requirements,” says Kristof Kröger, workshop manager at Lorenz von Ehren.

Robust and solid – in series production and special design

ATLAS is able to manufacture both standard as well as customised excavators thanks to its fast and highly flexible production. This is also supported by dealership expertise. This 185 W features a 129 kW/175 hp engine. It is impressive both in terms of power as well as its small swing radius of just 2.24 metres. It is equipped with extra-wide bespoke tyres. When working at von Ehren, you need a little more reach, which is why the adjustable boom is 50 cm longer than the standard boom. It has been designed so that the boom swings when travelling. This means that the excavator travels more smoothly and quietly.

The cosy living room – joystick steering

It goes without saying that the cab is equipped with air conditioning as standard. A rear-view camera as well as a side-view camera (right) also come as standard. These, together with the entire cab, offer an all-round view as if from a lighthouse. The 185 W is digital and can be controlled via direct command. This makes operation easy. The lightning-fast switchover from off-road to on-road operation, which takes place by the simple push of a button, is a special and excellent solution. The high-contrast display provides excellent visibility of all important data. There are two ways to steer this special version. It can be steered either conventionally using the steering wheel or using joysticks.

The comfort driver’s seat in all ATLAS cabs means the space is almost as comfortable as your living room. The toolbox has also been enlarged. This allows the regular driver to take their special equipment, materials and tools along without any problems.

The right ATLAS devices

Devices specialised in plant processing, loading, digging or cultivation work are required when working with vegetation. Currently in use here at Lorenz von Ehren are a rotary grapple, hydraulic hammer, earth drill and various buckets. All devices from the ATLAS range. The crucial advantage is the precise compatibility. The design, material and production of the device and excavator are 100% compatible. Short-term availability is another significant factor for the customer.

Best collaboration

“We have been able to fulfil the special requirements for the machines in practice in close cooperation with both the ATLAS factory and our dealer Atlas von der Wehl,” states Kröger. The ATLAS organisation has geared itself up for rapid customer support. More specialised designs and conversion work are also commonplace in von der Wehl’s own workshop. “The most important factor is recognising the customer’s expectations and quickly implementing them in the machines,” says Reinhard von der Wehl, Managing Director of the von der Wehl Group. The 19-tonne machine that is now in use at Lorenz von Ehren is a successful example of this.

About ATLAS:

Atlas GmbH is a competent manufacturer and seller of excavators and cranes, designed and manufactured to the highest standards. With more than a century of experience, robust perfection, high-quality details and well-thought-out features, ATLAS continue to set new benchmarks to make their customers happy. Having started with producing agricultural equipment in 1919, their range of products continuously expanded over the past 100 years. Now the portfolio of ATLAS GmbH comprises wheeled, rail-road and crawler excavators, material handlers, loader cranes as well as crane and excavator attachments.


Photo: The ATLAS 185 W mobile excavator works precisely and powerfully. The attached rotary motor saves travel distances.