Quick support in emergencies – flexible and extremely agile ATLAS 140W blue mobile excavator – 15 t power and effectiveness in operation – excellent performance in challenging assignments like fires, danger of collapse and securing of a crime scene

The members and experts of the Technisches Hilfswerk (THW) provide professional help in numerous situations of threat, such as fires, buildings in danger of collapsing, crime scene evidence securing and many more. They offer experience, dedication and modern equipment. The ATLAS mobile excavator and its potential are regularly put to use. Two years ago, the THW integrated 30 ATLAS 140W blue mobile excavator with 15 t operating weigh into its fleet. Many of which have proven themselves in THW deployments.

THW paves the way with mobile excavator

Around 650 firefighters were in action to extinguish a massive fire at a recycling plant in Diez, near Limburg. Several hundred members of the THW from eight local sections and THW experts of the specialist unit “clearing” supported them. To be able to control the flames, machineries used for clearing pulled the burning material apart. The 15 t ATLAS 140W blue mobile excavator was in action here. It is equipped with a 4 l displacement and a 90 kW/121hp strong engine. This engine has sufficient power to pull apart heavy bales of paper, parts of the hall etc. The working movements are especially quick. Most importantly, the ATLAS is agile and quick with a crawling speed of 1km/h and the option of going up to 20 km/h. The working movements are especially quick. This allows the upper carriage to rotate completely 360° up to nine times per minute. With an emission level of Tier V and an AdBlue tank, the engine is environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient. There is a choice of three operating modes to ensure that, in accordance with the job, the optimal power can be supplied.

Safe securing of evidence

In Börtlingen, near Göppingen the THW was called to assist the police in enabling the securing of evidence in a specialised building business. THW’s building expert advisor assessed the situation in the hall, which was close to collapse. The roof had to be dismantled bit by bit and the ATLAS 140W blue was deployed for this task. The THW ATLAS mobile excavators are equipped with an adjustable boom. Thanks to the flexibility of the boom and the excellent sturdiness of the ATLAS excavator, the demolition of the roof was a straightforward and quickly finished job. The swivel radius of the boom with only 2m is another huge advantage. The highly effective AWE 5 hydraulic system (Load Sensing) with 350 bar operating pressure enables the mobile excavator to grip forcefully and to move heavy weights of more than 7t. Both was required in Börtlingen. The ATLAS excavator showed, that delicate work, such as with the demolition grabber, is more than just a duty, but a pleasure. The extremely sensible and independent navigation of the accessory equipment and the boom make this possible.
Perfectly equipped
The delightful raw material hops becomes dangerous, once it is being turned into a fire instead of beer. This is what happened in Geisenhausen in the Hallertau region in Upper Bavaria. A fire broke out in a warehouse for hops. For the post-firefighting works, the ATLAS 140W blue was put to use. After creating an access into the building, it supported in the dismantling of the hall. The excellent view onto the job site from the excavator’s cabin as well as through the side and rear view cameras were of huge benefit to the operator in this situation. The perfect readability of the display did its bit. The fully automatic air-conditioning (Climatronic) created a good atmosphere in the cabin. The ATLAS 140W blue mobile excavators are regularly showing their potentials in many other THW operations. With their strength and power, they are supporting the excellent work of the THW.

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Picture: Repeatedly, 15t ATLAS 140W blue mobile excavators are being put to use in THW operations. Picture: THW Pictures: THW