The ATLAS 190W blue mobile excavator with attached vibratory pile driver – Very powerful hydraulics – In use with the Lübeck Port Authority LPA – Sleek operation thanks to sensitive controls

It appears as if the ATLAS excavator is sinking a toothpick into the ground. This is how fast it works and simple it looks when it jolts a 10-metre-long tether pile into the Wakenitz for a jetty renovation. The Wakenitz is a right tributary of the Trave in the south-east of Schleswig-Holstein, which drains Lake Ratzeburg and is some 14.9 kilometres long. Work is being carried out within the Lübeck city area. The jetty for university sailing sports requires renovation. The 23 t ATLAS 190W blue is used in this project. The mobile excavator is equipped with a 6.7 l EU Stage V engine with 129 kW/175 hp output. It stands on a pontoon which is towed to the respective working site by a barge.

The AWE 5 hydraulics make the difference – concept for economical operation

The 190W blue is equipped with a vibratory pile driver of 2 t in weight and 100 kW in hydraulic power for these operations on water. The ATLAS hydraulics establish all the preconditions for working very effectively. The hydraulics system has a flow rate of 380 l/min at an operating pressure of up to 350 bar. It has a proportional gripper and gripper rotation function. Drei weitere Kreise für Zusatzverbraucher sind möglich. It is possible to have three further circuits for additional consumers. There are three operating modes: F 1 for work requiring little power, F 2 (eco) for manual motor and pump control for as economical work as possible, plus F 3 (power) for the full use of power, which can only be retrieved in this mode. Insgesamt ein auf Sparsamkeit ausgelegtes Konzept.All in all, a concept designed for economy.

Sufficient power to handle any tasks

“We use the ATLAS excavator both on land and on the water. Its power and agility deliver good work results wherever it is used,” says Philipp Schielke, Master Hydraulic Engineer at LPA. The 190W blue boasts a maximum reach of 10 m with an adjustable boom, is capable of lifting over 15 t, while still being able to lift over 5 t at 8 m reach. One thing that comes across positively in practice is the finely tuned and well-built construction of the 190W blue. The perfect interaction of all components means that work can be carried out very sensitively. The power that the hydraulics provide can be fully utilised by the working implements without placing too much strain on the machine and its parts such as joints, bushes, etc. This means in practice that the pile is picked up without jerking or lagging and is brought to the installation position smoothly and, most importantly, with centimetre precision. The power of the ATLAS hydraulics keeps the trunk positioned precisely in the vibratory pile and the excavator arm on course with millimetre accuracy.

Large machinery fleet – satisfaction with ATLAS

With a population of 200,000 and an area of 214 km², Lübeck is the largest city in Schleswig-Holstein. All city port responsibilities are brought together in the Hanseatic City of Lübeck at the Lübeck Port Authority (LPA).

This includes the port railway, port planning and construction, hydraulic engineering and water management, regulatory administration with the fulfilment of the tasks of the port authority as well as the leasing of the municipal port areas. “We have a large machinery fleet to handle our many and varied tasks. This also includes some ATLAS excavators. We’ve been working with ATLAS for many years and are extremely satisfied,” says Schielke.

Comfortable and safe working

Safety is a top priority for man and machine on the small pontoon. The cabin provides the best view of the working environment and the cameras for the right and the rear ensure the necessary all-round visibility. Daylight illumination of the working area and the surroundings make working safe even when the days are darker. The comfort cab with its comfortable seat, clear display and low interior noise level of 71 dBA supports effective working with the ATLAS 190W blue. The Lübeck-based company Hörcher GmbH is responsible for LPA’s operations. It sourced the excavator from ATLAS Hamburg and modified it in line with the LPA’s requirements. Hörcher GmbH is a specialist in the design of vehicles to meet the exact requirements of its customers. It also specialises in spare parts, rental and service/repair. You can see the positive result of this cooperation, for example, with the ATLAS 190W blue on the Lübeck waterways.

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Pictures: The ATLAS 190W blue mobile excavator is extremely stable. You can work with it with enormous power and hydraulic sensitivity. The ATLAS 190W blue is equipped with a vibration frame for the refurbishment of a jetty in Lübeck.